The Internet Revolution

We are living in Information Age thanks to Tim Berners-Lee who have invented the World Wide Web in 1989. The establishment of Web helped people in a way where information travels the world in milliseconds. 



21st Century Business Model

Use the internet... Businesses that are failed to adopt the new technologies are missing out and left behind. Traditional company's potential sales are parallel to the number of people visiting their store, which is limited to the number of people living around their location. Modern day companies are dismissing this limitations and leveraging on internet for reaching out people all around the worldAmazon is a great example for being today's one of the most valuable company which is internet based only.

Our Services

We provide exclusive domain names for businesses in order to help them out on their online identitiesWe are open for joint ventures for companies who are willing to partnering with us and use one of the domains from our premium portfolio. We also provide brand consulting and website development when our clients requested.Articles about fintech (financial technology), cryptocurrencies, ICOs (initial coin offerings) and of course domain names.

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