About Us

WEB.ENTERPRISES is founded by Ahmet Burak Atınç who is an investor and entrepreneur in various industries.

  • Co-founder of a High-Fashion womenswear brand called MottoBella™ . www.mottobella.com )
  • Third generation partner at Tunalar Automotive™ . www.tunalarexport.com )
  • Founder of INJECTOR.SHOP™ who serves as an online supplier of diesel fuel injection systems. www.injector.shop )
  • Brand Ambassador of FISCHEER™ , diesel spare parts manufacturer based in Turkey, Istanbul.www.fischeer.com )
  • CMO at WEB.ENTERPRISES™  who provides domain names for investors and end-users. www.web.enterprises )

Domain names are profitable commodities in today's tech-centric world. The 872 million dollars sale of "www.cars.com" in 2017 may have set the world record, yet hundreds of thousands of domains are registered or traded on a daily basis.

Startup Businesses

We provide generic domain names in different industries for Startup businesses. Generic domain names are the most valued assets of the internet. Internet users often search for a specific word when they are looking for a product or services online. Generic domains are efficient in terms of SEO, it helps businesses to create an online presence and helps them to create more exposure for the product and services they provide.

Domain Name Investors

We also provide domain names for domain investors. There are literally millions of domain investors in the aftermarket who are willing to profit by investing on domain names. If you search the stories behind the million dollar sales, you would see majority of the sales are made by domain investors.

Website Development

We are developing websites from our domain portfolio and turn them into a money generator. www.injector.shop is one of them and we keep on developing more domains in different industries. We are experts in creating online businesses.