Domain Escrow

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Terms of Service

The domain name must be worth $5000 or more in order to accepted for the escrow service.

Our escrow fee is only 10% and the seller pays for the escrow service. Buyer is only liable to pay the escrow fee if we are brokering the domain name of the seller.

Buyer is required to transfer cryptocurrency to our escrow wallet address. While the seller is required to transfer the domain to our escrow account.

Once we receive the domain name we will transfer it to the buyer and release the funds to the seller's wallet address.

If you are the buyer and you don't have any cryptocurrency to make the payment click here to have one.

If you are the seller and you don't have a crypto wallet address click here to get one.

Buyer must provide the TXID (transfer id) after transferring the cryptocurrency to our escrow wallet address.

If the buyer fails to pay, we will transfer the domain name back to seller's account. If the seller fails to transfer the domain name, we will refund the cryptocurrency back to buyer's wallet address.

If you are the seller and you don't know how to transfer out a domain name, click here to learn how to transfer.

If you are the buyer and you don't know how to transfer the domain name to your account, click here to learn how it is done.

We will be assisting you throughout the entire process. 

Refund policy: While refunding the cryptocurrency, the system requires a very low transaction fee. Those fees will be reducted from the total amount. Please remember that the transaction fee is not collected by us.

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