How to buy cryptocurrencies? How to create a crypto wallet address?

Hello Future-Cryptopreneurs,

Today we will instruct you on how to buy any cryptocurrency that you would like to invest.

Cryptocurrencies are the hottest assets of the last few years. Early investors have made a tremendous amount of profit by investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and so many more. For example; a cryptopreneur who have invested in Ripple exactly 1 year before this article, made 13,664.55% in profits. Meaning a $10,000 of investment worths $1,366,400 today. While I am typing this sentence, one Ripple worths  $0.850859.  (If you like to learn statistics about cryptocurrencies click here.)

If you like to create a bitcoin wallet address please follow the instructions below.

For U.S. citizens we highly suggest creating an account with Coinbase. When you create an account with Coinbase you will receive Bitcoin wallet address, Ethereum wallet address, Bitcoin Cash wallet address and  Litecoin wallet address. Sign up here and buy/sell a cryptocurrency that is worth more than $100 so you can get $10 of free Bitcoin to your Coinbase account. This promotion is only applicable once. You can safely buy cryptocurrencies with your debit card or credit card.If you like to invest in other altcoins like Ripple, Stellar Lumens, Bitcoin Gold, Dash and Zec please continue reading. You can only invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin with Coinbase.

If you are an investor from Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa or Australia; we highly recommend creating an account with is a trusted cryptocurrency exchange based in London. Sign up here to start trading with, this exchange provides a fast fiat to crypto transactions with more cryptocurrency variety available for trading. By creating an account with; you will receive Bitcoin wallet address, Ethereum wallet address, Bitcoin Cash wallet address, Litecoin wallet address, Ripple wallet address, Stellar Lumens wallet address, Dash wallet address, Bitcoin Gold wallet address and Zec wallet address. You can safely plus instantly buy cryptocurrencies with your debit card or credit card.

If the cryptocurrency you are looking for is not listed on the exchanges mentioned above then we definetly recommend creating an account with Binance which is one of the biggest exchanges in the world. Binance has more than 100 cryptocurrencies in their platform with an easy user interface. By creating an account with Binance you will receive 100 different cryptocurrency wallet addresses. This exchange doesn’t allow its users to buy cryptocurrency with a fiat money. In order to invest in other “hot coins” like TRON, you need to transfer cryptocurrency from your Coinbase or account to Binance. Binance is a Hong Kong based cryptocurrency exchange. Their CEO was on the cover of Forbes last month.

When you successfully create your accounts with all the exchanges mentioned above, you can basically buy and sell any kind of cryptocurrency you are looking for.

Please remember that all the exchanges listed above have stopped accepting new users at the end of 2017 until mid-January 2018. The main reason behind this was the high demand on cryptocurrencies. Exchanges were unable to assist their new customers because of the high demand on cryptocurrencies.

Make sure that you have created your accounts while it is still available today.  

Ready, Set, Go!


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